Free PicoSure Tattoo Removal Of Radiation Target Tattoos

I’ve removed many tattoos with the one and only PicoSure laser that had a negative vibe or were a reminder of a bad experience or a rough time in a client’s life. This includes medical tattoos of the radiation target variety. Target tattoos, as they’re called, provide an aiming point for a radiosurgical device, like the Gamma Knife, at a precise tumor location using a stereo-static, three-dimensional coordinate system. This allows a Radiation Oncologist to destroy a tumor without traditional surgery.

Following treatment, cancer patients are left with, in some cases, numerous black or blue tattooed dots on their bodies. In a mirror, the tattoos can be an unsightly reminder of undergoing radiation therapy, chemo and the entire battle with cancer. I have family members who are cancer survivors, so I’ve heard first hand how these tiny tattoos turn into a big deal after surviving such a scary diagnosis. If you’re suffering with having to look at your unwanted cancer tattoos, please give me a call at 512-479-9997 or stop by Austin Medspa and I’ll remove them at no charge using the best medical laser on the planet.

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