PicoSure Boost – Formation of Cavitation Pressures Within a Tattoo

Simply put, cavitation is the formation of high pressure bubbles, within human tissue in the case of tattoos, which “pop” releasing a supersonic pressure wave traveling about 1,481 meters per second. The result is the physical destruction or crumbling of tattoo pigments, which are then absorbed by the body via lymph flow and phagocytosis. The greater the pressure within the bubbles, the stronger the resultant pressure waves become. In nature, cavitation can destroy the strongest metals and is also used by the tiny mantis shrimp to break through even the hardest shells of its prey.

The one and only PicoSure laser by Cynosure uses a software called Boost to decrease the length and energy of the pulse duration, which CONVERSELY increases the pressure inside the resultant cavitation bubbles. When they pop, these tiny bubbles can break even the toughest of inks; even those containing heavy metals.

By utilizing photomechanical cavitation versus the photothermal burning of a POS q-switched laser, the revolutionary PicoSure removes tattoos faster and more safely with less chance of burning, scarring and other unwanted side effects. To schedule a free consultation and evaluation of your unwanted ink please call my Austin Medspa office at 512-479-9997 or simply call my cell at 512-808-6712.



  1. Beth - Reply

    Thank you for information, I would like to know when you think using booster, also I would like to know on what basis you increase or decrease the amount of boost.

    • admin - Reply

      Hi Beth, Thanks for your question regarding when to use Boost. Boost decreases the pulse width (the length of time the pulse lasts), which results in an increase in the strength of the PressureWave. The PressureWave breaks up the pigment and disrupts the tissues to allow the ink to flow out and into the lymphatic system where it is easily removed. I generally begin using Boost on the 3rd or 4th treatment because it is not needed in the initial sessions. I begin with 25% Boost and increase it an additional 25% in subsequent sessions. I feel like it works best to use it sequentially – meaning increase it gradually. I hope that helps. Best of luck to you with your treatments and removals. Thanks, Brendan

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