Did You Know?

Did YOU Know? Millions of patients have tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to remove tattoos with POS q-switched lasers, salt-fading injections, micro-needling Eclipse TR & Wrecking Balm?  Unfortunately, these, and many other, attempts at tattoo removal have left hundreds of thousands of patients scarred with residual ink in the form of unsightly “tattoo remnants”.  Wow, talk about tattoo regret!

Did You Know…

Did YOU know?   Many businesses TRIED a “No visible tattoos” policy in 2015 and failed?!  Starbucks and the U.S. Army are two notable examples.  Although both of these American institutions believed that tatted-up workers hurt their brand & image, they soon found that these valuable workers were welcomed elsewhere with open arms!  Starbucks lost many of its…

What’s the Difference Between a Treatment & an Actual Tattoo Removal?

Did YOU know?  There’s a difference between a laser tattoo “TREATMENT “and an actual PicoSure laser tattoo “REMOVAL”?  I recently saw someone advertise that they had performed 250,000 laser tattoo removal treatments with their old Q-switched laser!  Wow, that sure sounds impressive right?  Not really.  Why?  Well, because the number of treatments doesn’t equate to the…

Did YOU Know?

Did YOU know?  There are literally thousands of tattoo color variations because artists can mix hundreds of different shades from different manufacturers to create new color palettes all the time.  However, all of these color combinations have one thing in common:  they can all be vaporized by the PicoSure laser which now has two wavelengths for unparalleled performance.

Did you know?

Did YOU know?  Some tattoos continue to fade for over a year following treatment with the PicoSure laser?!  I’ve personally documented two cases where patients were photographed before and after their last treatment and then again at one year.  In both instances the tattoos were significantly lighter.