Austin Medspa Temporarily Closes Its Doors

As of today Austin Medspa is temporarily closed due to the Mayor’s order that only essential medical procedures can be performed right now until further notice. The coronavirus has disrupted our city, country and the world but we will pull through this stronger than ever before.

Until I see you again, take good care of yourselves and your beautiful families.


  1. christina - Reply

    Hi, your tattoo removal results look fantastic. I’m having a large colorful tattoo removed and was wondering how often I should do cupping after my sessions? Thanks!

    • admin - Reply

      Hi Chrissy, Thanks for your comment. I recommend cupping at least two weeks after PicoSure laser treatment to ensure the whole area has healed. Theoretically, the freed ink particles can be removed for many weeks before the entire area, and ink, is locked back down through the formation of new collagen fibers and epithelial cells. You could cup twice between laser sessions, which may help facilitate further removal of ink while also drawing the healing factors out of the blood and interstitial space and depositing them into the treatment area. Although no one has performed a clinical trial on cupping as an adjunct therapy to PicoSure laser tattoo removal, I personally have been doing it for years on certain clients and believe it to be helpful. Additionally, cupping is safe when performed correctly, cost effective and has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Best of luck with your removal. Thanks, Brendan

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