Can Menopausal Hot Flashes Make Melasma Worse?

As women go through pre-menopause they begin to experience hot flashes caused by hormone imbalances. Incidentally, researchers have shown that heat, among other factors, can exacerbate melasma, which leads to the unwanted production and deposit of the pigment melanin into the affected dermal and/or epidermal tissues of the face. I treat many melasma patients with the revolutionary PicoSure alexandrite laser and the results are amazing. Why alexandrite? Because the 755nm wavelength produced by this crystal has the greatest affinity for melanin, which means the PicoSure can easily remove excess pigment from the dermis and/or epidermis of skin. And not just the face, I also treat the neck and chest and arms. In reality, benign pigment can be removed from any body part, even intimate areas.

One of the side benefits of using the PicoSure for melanin removal, as seen in melasma and just plain old sun damage, is that its rejuvenation properties are incredible. Not only does it remove the unwanted pigmentation but it also causes the skin to rejuvenate by building tons of new collagen and elastin. If you suffer from melasma, sun damage or unwanted pigment in the form of freckles, lentigines, lentigos or lesions, and you would like those areas gently and effectively treated with the world’s first and only PicoSure laser, please give me a call at Austin Medspa and let’s get started. (512) 479 – 9997

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