Cupping Therapy Between Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments In England

One of my readers in Great Britain is using a DIY trick at home for cupping therapy in between his laser tattoo removal treatments.  I’ve stated before that during the weeks that follow PicoSure laser tattoo removal, the ink is unbound and can be physically drawn out into the space between cells where it can be more effectively removed by the body.  This might allow for a faster removal.  Cupping is safe and can be done at home several times in between treatments.  If you’re trying it please let me know.  Meanwhile, if you have a tattoo you would like completely and safely removed by the best PicoSure nurse in Texas I can be reached  by phone @ 512-479-9997  or just stop by my NEW location in Austin, TX:  Austin Medspa on W. 6th St.


Here’s our British friend’s story in his own words:

     Firstly, I did some research online and found a few guidelines to cupping.  Websites said that you should shave the area first (as to ensure a good seal), which I did.  To aid the seal, I used a little olive oil on the skin where the cup would seal.  Next, in absence of a set of cupping equipment, I noticed that my wife’s favourite latte glass – which was made of thick, strong glass – was the perfect diameter for my tattoo. I did a dry run and realized that the rounded shoulder not mate well with a flat cup, so experimented with arm positions until I found one where my shoulder muscle was relaxed and the cup would touch all the way around.
     I then got some forceps, cotton wool and surgical spirit.  A small cotton wool was put in the jaws of the forceps and then ball had a couple of drops of surgical spirit applied, which was then set alight. You get about 15 seconds of burning, so need to work fairly fast.  The lit cotton wool was wafted inside the latte glass for about 2-3 seconds and quickly removed, and the glass then quickly pressed neatly over the tattoo.  No heat was apparent on my skin.
     Immediately you feel a little suction, which increases over the next few seconds as the glass cools, and then stabilizes.  I left the cup attached for around 15 minutes as my skin was not going as red as I was expecting.  The suction was enough to walk around with the glass unsupported.
     After a few hours the appearance is similar to how a laser treated tattoo looks a few days later – pink and inflamed – but it was not uncomfortable at all. I will repeat this as soon as the inflammation has resided between laser sessions.  I think I will step up the suction next time by holding the cotton wool in the glass for another half a second or so, as I feel it could have been stronger (and resultantly would made my shoulder redder and promoted more blood flow to the ink).
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  1. Jay - Reply

    For a stronger suction with fire cupping, you need to get the cup onto the skin faster after removing the flame from inside it (less time for oxygen to rush in). Holding the flame in there longer merely increases the risk of shattering the glass or burning yourself.
    The shade of red/purple/white your skin goes under the cup indicates what’s going on in the tissues under it. If you don’t have sharp pain or high levels of tension in the muscle under the tattoo, your skin’s unlikely to show much colour from cupping.
    As a registered acupuncturist, I’ve been cupping people every day for many years (so lots of time to practise different techniques). The flame need only be in the cup for 1 second to get good suction.
    To be honest, silicone cups are much safer & easier to use on yourself. They’re a cheap worthwhile investment.

    • admin - Reply

      Hi Jay,
      Thanks for your professional insight on cupping therapy as an adjunct to PicoSure laser tattoo removal. I personally use, on my patients, glass Pyrex cups with a hand suction pump. It allows me to place a maximum vacuum on the treated tissue. I agree that silicone cups are worthwhile and allow patients to easily cup at home. Thanks again, Brendan

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