Fading a Tattoo For Cover-up Artwork

Fading an unwanted tattoo to facilitate a new cover-up design has become increasingly popular.  This is because fading an existing tattoo increases the choice of cover-up options significantly.  For example, light colors and fine lines will not effectively cover up an existing dark outline and this severely limits one’s artwork choices.  However, most dark outlines and deeply colored tattoos can be faded in a couple of treatments with PicoSure™.  Once the majority of the undesirable ink has been removed, the artist can then apply a new tattoo using lighter strokes and delicate colors which are associated with today’s modern styles.  I personally have faded a significant number of tattoos successfully which allowed for the placement of beautiful cover-up artwork – see example below.  Most experienced PicoSure™ providers can give a quote over the phone from a simple description of size and location.

PicoSure Fade Ad 7-14


I can be reached in Austin, TX  at my new location inside Austin Medspa @ 512-479-9997.


  1. April - Reply

    My co-worker is the one that got the fairy removed and tattooed over… I actually contacted you guys about a tattoo removal for myself but funds weren’t available at the time. I was so impressed with what I heard my co-worker went for a consult and started her treatments that day. I saw first had the process and I am telling you after the blistering went away it was as if nothing was there! I WILL be seeing you guys soon for sure to start the process myself- very impressive!

    • admin - Reply

      April, Thanks for your comment! You bring up an important point about allowing the blistering to resolve. PicoSure laser-induced blisters are extremely superficial and once they’re gone they reveal beautiful skin with much less ink in it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Debbie Synco - Reply

    This is my back!
    I am so happy with the outcome of my removal it was worth every penny! The hardest part for me was the “waiting” to heal between sessions I think did 4 or 5 sessions in total. Then waited until my back was completely healed and started with the new ink.
    My tattooist was very impressed with Brendan’s work; he said it was the best he’d ever seen. And he’s been tattooing for 30 plus years.
    If anyone’s thinking about tattoo removal Brendan is the guy you want to see.
    Thank you again Brendan!

    • admin - Reply

      Debbie, Thanks for sharing your story and letting the world appreciate and admire your beautiful new artwork! Best cover up I’ve ever seen!

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