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Hello Friends,BL B&A 2-11-14

My name is Brendan Leigh and I’m a Registered Nurse in Austin, Texas specializing in tattoo removal.  I’ve seen it all: excision, pigment covers, cover-ups, fade creams, POS q-switched and picosecond lasers (PicoSure – the best!).  Every day, I see tattoos slated for removal; perhaps I’ve even seen yours.  My blog is about my experiences treating and removing tattoos.  I’ll also try to answer your questions.  Together, we can increase the knowledge base for those seeking tattoo removal.  Every tattoo and individual is unique so each treatment must be customized and tailored to the situation.  Some folks simply want to fade a tattoo for cover up artwork while others want to become tattoo-free.  Either way, hopefully we can help each other find the best treatment for their situation.  I look forward to the discussion!  I can be reached in Austin, TX  at my new location inside Austin Medspa @ 512-479-9997.



  1. Darryl Stewart - Reply

    I am currently going through the laser tattoo removal process and as stressful as it may be I have to say this place gives me hope. I have gone through a handful of treatments and have noticed visible results. I still have a ways to go but progress is being made and I am confident that Brendan knows what he is doing and will help me achieve the results I am seeking. I live 3 hours away and I don’t have a problem making the trip every 8 weeks because of the exceptional treatment that I have received. I’d like to say I’m looking forward to the next treatment because every time I notice more and more fading. It’s a good feeling knowing I am not stamped forever.

    • admin - Reply

      Darryl, Thanks for sharing your strength and experience as you go through the process of tattoo removal. Your words are an inspiration to others who may be contemplating PicoSure treatments and a reminder that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

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