How Many Pulses Does It Take To Remove One Gram of Ink?

Patients ask, “How many treatments will I need?”  The short answer is: “A lot less now that you’re using PicoSure and a skilled operator.”  You see cheap knock-off wannabe-pico lasers can’t deliver the energy correctly and POS Q-switched lasers are just as bad.  Cynosure’s PicoSure lasers cost more, but they’re worth it.

Now let’s say you’ve got 10 grams of pigment (ink) in your medium-large tattoo.  Six grams of black, one of blue, one of green and two of purple.  If we could gather it up and dump it on a sheet of paper and weigh it with a scale it would total 10 grams.  Once the liquid in the ink (usually alcohol) dissolves in your skin, the dry pigments of color remain.  Your body wraps protein fibers of collagen around the grains of pigment and holds them securely, which is why tattoos never go away on their own.

I’ve measured how much pigment (X) a single pulse of PicoSure vaporizes; represented as 1 pulse=X.  If X is removed from a 10 gram tattoo with each pulse then:  Y(total removal)=10 grams/X.  Because each pulse removes X micrograms, then a given number of pulses will vaporize the entire tattoo.

Problem is, few people in the world understand this principle, nor do they know how to effectively apply the pulses in a timely manner.  It’s something that can be taught but few trainers have the experience or the know-how to do it.

If you have a tattoo that you want COMPLETELY removed, regardless of whether you’ve been treated before, call me at Austin Medspa and let’s get started.  #512.479.9997

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