How Thorough is Your PicoSure Treatment?

I’ve had a couple experiences where patients relocate out of state halfway through the PicoSure tattoo removal process.  On two different occasions I’ve had those same patients call me up from their doctor’s office and ask me to explain to their new PicoSure provider how I was removing their tattoos because nothing seemed to be happening now.  It seemed impossible that if they were using a PicoSure instrument that they weren’t getting the same results as they did here in Austin.  How can this be?

It’s important to remember that a laser, even one as powerful and complex as the PicoSure, is simply a tool.  In many ways it’s no different than a scalpel or any other piece of medical equipment.  The results depend on the training, experience and completeness of the treatments provided by the user.  While there are a number of adjustments that can be made to the PicoSure laser’s settings, the technique is just as important.  I’ve had many patients tell me “you take so much more time treating my tattoo than my last (provider)”.  Think about it, if your tattoo is 6×6 inches and the laser spot size is 2-3mm in diameter, it will take some time to ensure that I’ve covered every square millimeter of ink.  Why is this important?  Because the more thorough and precise I am, the fewer treatments you will need to fade or remove your tattoo.  Ultimately, this means your tattoo comes off faster and you spend less money to do it.  Additionally, fewer treatments lessens the risk of unwanted side effects.  Beware of a provider who says they’ll treat you forever until your tattoo is gone.  It doesn’t have to take forever if you’re using the right laser and applying it correctly.

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