Introducing The T-cup Method Adjunct Therapy For PicoSure Tattoo Removal

T-cup (tattoo cupping) method, developed by Brendan Leigh, RN, MS in Austin, TX, improves clearance when used in conjunction with PicoSure laser tattoo removal.  The T-cup method consists of using standard cupping therapy between PicoSure laser treatments to dislodge deep tattoo pigments to allow for better removal by the body via the lymph system and mechanical action.


Background:  Cupping has been used for centuries to heal tissues and remove contaminants, both of which are critical elements of PicoSure laser tattoo removal therapy.  Cupping involves the use of negative pressure which causes the tissue to draw into a glass cup.  The result often leaves a noticeable bruise.  Deep ink is dislodged from its fixed position and allowed to mix with coagulated red blood cells.  As the body scavenges the area to clear the bruise, ink particles are also removed.  The blood and serous fluid and plasma contain a myriad of healing factors which improve the treated skin and deeper tissues.

I developed the T-cup method as an adjunct therapy to speed the ink clearance when used with the revolutionary PicoSure laser workstation.  If you have a recalcitrant tattoo or would like to improve your rate of clearance I can be reached in Austin, TX @ my new location:  Austin Medspa 512-479-9997.

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