Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos May be Removed or Lightened as Needed by the PicoSure Laser

Should the PicoSure laser be used for permanent makeup tattoo removal?  Years ago a famous actress by the name of Lana Turner shaved off her eyebrows for a movie role and they never grew back!  She eventually had false stick-on eyebrows made that she wore for the rest of her life.  Her other option would have been to have eyebrows permanently tattooed above her eyes by a skilled master artist.  In fact, nowadays permanent “cosmetic tattoos” are quite popular; especially for the eyebrows.  Another option for patients who have thin or nonexistent eyebrows is hair grafting but it can be costly.

Permanent makeup consists of tattoos that are usually applied by a skilled esthetician who has received special training.  The most common procedures include eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.  Given the amount of time it takes to put makeup on every day, many women decide to take the plunge and get it done once by a professional.  They wake up every morning with perfect make up and their friends and family never see them without makeup on.  However, just like any tattoo a person can change their mind or get tired of a particular ‘look’.  Then what?

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The pigments in permanent cosmetics are different than standard tattoo inks.  Colored lip liner, lipstick and eyeshadow may actually turn black, change colors or darken significantly when exposed to a laser.  Therefore, most clinicians will not treat permanent makeup because the risk is too great.  Additionally, the location around the eyes further complicates the treatment.  One exception is permanent eyebrows; because the ink is already quite dark, the risk of it becoming even darker is minimal.  I’ve successfully treated a number of ladies with permanent eyebrows because their artist didn’t quite achieve perfection.  Sometimes eyebrow tattoos appear too stark or too dark.  The shape may not match the patient’s face or there’s not enough symmetry.  Whatever the reason, PicoSure laser tattoo removal can help.  If you have permanent eyebrows you would like to soften or lighten I can be reached  by phone @ 512-479-9997  or just stop by my NEW location in Austin, TX:  Austin Medspa on W. 6th St.


  1. Monica Montemayor - Reply

    I live in Miami and found a doctor that uses the picosure laser to remove eyebrows tatoo
    I went for a consultation today and scheduled the first treatment for this coming friday but I am scared it won’t help me and most important will leave me with scars or a bad color on my eyebrows.
    I would really appreciate your feedback about the procedure as I am reading you recommend it to remove eyebrow tattoos.
    Thank you so much for your help!!!

    • admin - Reply

      Hi Monica,
      Thanks for your comment. PicoSure laser tattoo removal of dark eyebrows is safe and effective. Risks include temporary localized swelling, bruising and blistering. Incomplete removal, plus the potential for some light inks to actually turn darker should also be considered. Additionally, any eyebrow hairs hit by the laser will temporarily bleach white but can be tinted after the healing process. New eyebrow hair will come in naturally pigmented. I perform eyebrow tattoo removals regularly and my patients are extremely happy with the clinical results. You might want to ask your provider for some before and after photos and what their level of experience is. Best of luck and let us know how they turn out! Thanks, Brendan Leigh, RN, MS

    • Jenya corbo - Reply

      Hello I would like to know how did the treatment go for you in Miami ? How are yr eyebrows now ? Please share yr experience and place and doctor . Thank you

    • Julia Simons - Reply

      Hi Monica, Could you please share your experience with the laser tattoo removal?
      Thank you.

    • Minnie - Reply

      Can u pls tell me if u have scarfs after u removed your tatto…please kindly
      And where u was?, i want to make it also in Miami and I’m so afraid do not make it worse. What the clinic and doctor name?
      Thank u and please help me with the information

      • admin - Reply

        Hi Monica,
        Thanks for your question. Eyebrow tattoo removal with the PicoSure laser is not likely to cause scarring because the laser pulses too quickly to burn the skin. It is important after the treatment to keep the treated area clean and moist. I am located in Austin, TX at: Austin Medspa on 6th St. Our main number is 512-479-9997. Thanks again, Brendan Leigh, RN, MS

  2. Bon - Reply

    I just got a spot test with PicoWay and my eyebrow color turned gray, and a darker color than the original color that I was trying to remove

    • admin - Reply

      Hi Bon,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry your test spot gave a negative reaction. Cosmetic tattoos often have chemical additives that can oxidize and change color when hit with laser energy. The PicoWay is an entirely different instrument than the PicoSure with different wavelengths and energy delivery methods. Best of luck to you. Thanks, Brendan Leigh, RN, MS

  3. Lin - Reply

    Just had a PicoSure spot test first on eyebrow and lip liner. First it was frosty invisible. How long after the spot test Can I see a bit of result? Iam Hispanic light skin.

    • admin - Reply

      Hi Lin, Thanks for your question on spot treatment test results. On the eyebrows, clearance should begin to be seen within 2 weeks depending on the type of ink and tattoo. Micro-bladed eyebrows may take a little longer than standard tattooing. As for the lip liner, I don’t treat it due to the risk of permanent ink-darkening. For example, if your lip liner is a shade of red, it may turn black so please BEWARE! Best of luck and thanks again! -Brendan Leigh, RN,MS

  4. Jessica Chavez - Reply

    My tattoo eyebrow have turn reddish, orange oxide color with laser treatments. Could your pico laser help me

  5. Cali Gayle - Reply

    One month ago I received my 2nd picosure treatment for microblading removal. The first time the hair grew back well, but this time the growth is extremely slow and the brows are still mostly bald. I’m completely panicked! Is it possible for picosure to permanently damage brows, even in rare cases?

    • admin - Reply

      Hi Cali, Thanks for your question. The short answer is that hair loss is a risk with any laser. However, because the PicoSure is photomechanical and not photothermal, it’s unlikely that you’ve permanently lost your hair. My guess is your hair follicles have entered a telogen effluvium phase due to the stress of the laser treatment and that your hair will regrow eventually. I personally have seen RevitaBrow help regrow eyebrows. You might want to try it. Best of luck with everything and Happy New Year! Thanks, Brendan

  6. admin - Reply

    Hi Liza, Once I had an eyebrow turn darker but it cleared. True that metals are difficult to remove, especially cadmium sulfide, which is yellow ink. But most inks do contain metal and most tattoos are removable. Tough inks require more treatments. Best of luck with your removal and Happy New Year! Thanks, Brendan

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