Photo-shopping Away Your Tattoos Reveals A Different Person

Have you ever wondered what you would look like without your tattoos? If you’ve only got one or two, it’s probably not too hard to imagine. But if they cover most of your body, you may have forgotten what you looked like without them. Well, a talented author decided to show heavily tatted former gang members what they would look like if they had their homemade ink removed (with a technology like PicoSure) and the results were astounding.

You can view the amazing pics here:

I was struck by these tattoos, both for the apparent meaning, and by the ease of which they could be removed with PicoSure. These shaded tattoos are generally weak inks that shatter under the PressureWave of the picosecond pulse created by the best laser for tattoo removal, PicoSure.

Homemade tattoos near the eye

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