PicoSure Focus Lens Array – Mechanism Of Action

The revolutionary PicoSure Laser has a Focus Lens Array which is used for skin revitalization.  The appropriate indications include, but are not limited to:  Sun damage, acne scars, sun spots, benign pigment, like melasma and freckles, and a whole host of other skin conditions.

Why is the PicoSure, clearly the world’s best tattoo removal laser, focused on skin?  Because its 755nm Alexandrite wavelength has the greatest affinity to melanin (meaning it destroys unwanted pigment) and its Focus Lens delivers the energy in a highly effective manner with zero downtime.  The results are nothing short of amazing!  Additionally, the PicoSure Focus Lens Array for skin revitalization is not a painful procedure like Fraxel and Co2 ablation and again, there’s NO downtime.

If you would like to treat your unwanted sun damage, scars, melasma, lines and wrinkles, I can be reached @ Austin Medspa on West 6th.  Consultations are very informative and free of charge.  Please call me @ 512.479.9997


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