PicoSure Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal/Fade

PicoSure laser eyebrow tattoo removal is something I perform regularly. Many tattooed eyebrows are less than perfect and a client has little recourse for removal other than a skilled laser operator. Sometimes it’s just a stray microbladed “hair” that needs removing, or perhaps the eyebrows are too close together. Sometimes the tail end is too stark and pointed. Often times, the client wants the entire thing removed. That is the case below. She presented with light colored tattooed eyebrows, which meant the artist had mixed red and/or yellow into the ink. After her first treatment, the darker color was gone but a prominent yellow remained. Yellow ink is tough cadmium sulfate – a heavy, toxic metal. After several more treatments utilizing the 532nm PicoSure wavelength, the yellow was sufficiently faded so the client is now able to have her brows redone using the preferred microbladed technique. If you have tattooed eyebrows that you’re ready to remove or fade safely and effectively with PicoSure, please call or come by Austin Medspa and I’ll get you fixed up.


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