PicoSure Laser Gets a New Handpiece to Target Resistant Reds

FDA grants 510k clearance for a new state of the art 532nm PicoSure handpiece for removal of resistant red, yellow & orange tattoo ink!  In fact, FDA approval actually came sooner than expected as the new handpiece demonstrated both safety and efficacy in removing unwanted red, yellow & orange tattoo inks.  Previously these colors had been difficult to remove due to their unique chemical formulations which have been known to include lightfast pigments as well as metals like titanium dioxide.  The 532nm wavelength is readily absorbed by red, yellow & orange tattoo inks making them highly susceptible to the PicoSure laser energy.  The example tattoo below was treated on the red and yellow inks only which showed a significant amount of clearance. I plan to be the 1st in the nation to upgrade my PicoSure with the new handpiece. If you have a colorful tattoo you would like to remove I can be reached  by phone @ 512-479-9997  or just stop by my NEW location in Austin, TX:  Austin Medspa on W. 6th St.

532 nm Handpiece532 nm Handpiece B&A


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