PicoSure Laser Handpiece For Beautiful Results

The 755nm Alexandrite PicoSure laser beam used to perform tattoo removal is invisible to the naked eye. Because of that, the PicoSure laser has a built in red laser ‘gun sight’ that I use to target tattoo ink.  When I point that red dot at a given spot on a tattoo and hit the switch the PicoSure fires its invisible 755nm beam deep into the dermis.  The picosecond energy pulses pass harmlessly through the skin and destroy only the tattoo ink itself, which means not only is the PicoSure more effective when compared to ANY POS Q-switched nano-slow laser, but the chance of side effects like burns or scars are virtually eliminated.

Interestingly, the new PicoSure laser 532nm handpiece for red, yellow and orange inks does emit a visible beam of intense green light.  This is because certain pigments are in fact red because they absorb green light and reflect red light.  The 532nm laser handpiece fires at a picosecond pulse interval which produces a powerful photomechanical PressureWave.  This combination of energy and pressure destroys red and yellow pigment but is harmless to the skin, leaving the area as though it had never been tattooed.  If you have a red, black, yellow, orange or multicolored tattoo, or previously treated unsightly tattoo remnant, you would like removed with the revolutionary PicoSure laser I can be reached in Austin, TX @ my new location:  Austin Medspa 512-479-9997.


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