PicoSure Laser Settings Require Experience And Education

For those of us in the rejuvenation business, whether it be eyebrow tattoo removal, or unwanted facial pigment (hyperpigmentation), the PicoSure laser settings are critical. Many practitioners focus solely on the energy level (Joules), expressed as J/cm2. We can think of the Joules as being similar to the milligrams of a given medication, e.g. 325mg in an aspirin. But just as in medication, the dose, is more critical. Would a single aspirin at 325mg cure a migraine? No it would not.

So how do we measure the dose when using a laser? We use the pulse count. The pulse count reveals how many times we applied the energy to a given area. If you’re one of the millions of clients who’s had unsuccessful tattoo removal it’s more than likely that your pulse count was too low. I’ve watched providers move too quickly over a tattoo and subsequently the number of pulses delivered was too low for effective and complete removal. Treatment = J/cm2 x pulses delivered. The same is true for melasma, acne scarring and skin rejuvenation.

We’ve discussed just two of the many factors that go into a great treatment. If you’re tired of poor or less than desired results please stop by Austin Medspa for a free consultation.


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