PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal – Multicolored – Case Study

Many patients have been told that their tattoos are impossible to remove.  The following case study is an example of just that kind of misinformation.  After numerous attempts at removal the patient was told the ink could not come out.  The truth is that with the right equipment (state of the art PicoSure laser workstation) and a skilled professional operator (registered nurse or licensed physician) almost any tattoo can come off cleanly.  Take a look at my before and after photos and see for yourself.

Case Study:

History:  Young woman, lower back, modern ink
Previous Treatment: 6 treatments with the POS q-switched laser you’re probably using
Result: Zero fading or clearance of ink
Solution: PicoSure 755nm for blue and black ink, 532nm for red ink
Post Treatment: OTC cortisone ointment to reduce post treatment inflammation
Interval: 6-8 weeks between treatments
Adjunct: Cupping therapy 1-2 times between PicoSure treatments
Finishing: PicoSure Focus Lens Array to rejuvenate and smooth the treatment area
Spot Size: Proprietary information
Pulses per cm²: Proprietary information
Application Technique: Proprietary information
Boost Application: Proprietary information
Manual Application: Proprietary information

If you’ve got a tattoo that won’t seem to come off and you’ve given up, please give me a call and I’ll rid you of your unwanted ink once and for all.  Austin Medspa:  512-479-9997


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