PicoSure Laser Test Spot For Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

I’m one of the few practitioners who perform PicoSure laser tattooed eyebrow removal. The PicoSure is extremely safe and very effective for removing or modifying both traditional and microbladed eyebrow tattoos. The picosecond pulse prevents heating, which preserves the hair follicles. POS q-switched lasers rely on heat (photothermal) ink removal, which can damage or destroy hair follicles, resulting in eyebrow hair loss and burns.

Occasionally an eyebrow tattoo will contain mixed ink and require a test spot to determine efficacy of treatment and underlying red or yellow ink. In the example below, I used the 755nm wavelength for a test spot. The black ink was removed and the residual red ink remained. Fortunately, I’ve got the PicoSure 532nm handpiece which easily removes the red and/or yellow residual ink.

PicoSure test spot of mixed ink eyebrow tattoo

If you have tattooed eyebrows you’d like removed or modified with the world’s safest, most effective tattoo removal laser, I can be reached at Austin Medspa on West 6th St. (512) 479-9997


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