PicoSure Laser Treatments for Tattoo Removal Can Get Intense

For those of you, who have not previously had PicoSure laser treatments for tattoo removal, just let me say that the experience can be intense.  As an RN and a PicoSure provider, it’s my job to prepare patients for what they are about to go through.  Although we make every effort to ensure your PicoSure treatment is as tolerable as possible, it can still be somewhat uncomfortable.  For pain we utilize a cold jet of air throughout the entire procedure.  I hold the air wand in my left hand and the laser in my right hand.  The area being treated feels much better with the cold air spraying on it.  This has absolutely no effect on the results of the treatment itself; it’s just to make patients more comfortable.  It’s possible that in some cases a more comfortable patient can withstand a more thorough treatment.  When a patient is in pain some providers may work more quickly in order to “get it over with”.  This does you no good.  You will simply require more treatments and it’s not wise to endure even one more treatment than absolutely necessary.


I sometimes walk a fine line between informing a patient of the nature of the treatment and causing someone who wants their tattoo off to be fearful.  Although PicoSure laser treatment can be somewhat painful and intense, so is the tattooing process itself.  If you can handle getting a tattoo you will be more than able to tolerate the removal.  Just know that your ink is pretty deep into the skin and we have to go just as deep to get it out.  This means the first week after treatment will generally include blisters and redness.  Additionally, when the Boost upgrade is used, the redness can persist for a number of weeks.  As long as you take proper care of the treated area, you will be quite pleased with the results and well on your way to removing that unwanted ink.  If you think you’re ready to take the first step in tattoo removal, I can be reached  by phone @ 512-479-9997  or just stop by my NEW location in Austin, TX:  Austin Medspa on W. 6th St.


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  1. Mia Boyd - Reply

    Thanks for the information. It’s good to be forewarned that tattoo removal can be pretty intense. It’s also good to know that it’ll do a good job though, just like you said. I want to ensure that my tattoo goes away as smoothly as possible.

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