PicoSure Lasers Can Remove Black, Blue, & Green Inks Better

So what’s the deal with BLACK ink?  You may have heard that it’s the easiest color to remove.  In many respects that can be a true statement if you’re using a POS q-switched laser and don’t have access to a PicoSure instrument.  Why?  Well because q-switched lasers have a difficult, if not impossible, time trying to remove blue, green, purple and recalcitrant inks.  So they focus on black which produces the strongest photothermal reaction.  Q-switched lasers fire so slowly (nanoseconds) that black ink is able to absorb all of the energy and heat up to temperatures capable of burning the tissue and leaving a scar.  Consequently, these old-style lasers like to focus on black ink and the operators correctly state that for their particular laser “black is the easiest color to remove.”

But there’s another reason; POS q-switched lasers can’t produce the patented PicoSure PressureWave™ which breaks down all ink colors, including blue, green, purple and recalcitrant blacks.  Before the advent of the PicoSure, photothermal reactions (superheating the ink) were the only way that a tattoo would come off.  But this routinely left the patient scarred and hypopigmented.  Researchers knew that a PressureWave™ would solve this problem and they worked tirelessly to invent a portable laser capable of firing a pulse measured in the trillionths of seconds and at least 100 times faster than conventional q-switched lasers.  The result was the PicoSure that removes all the tough colors, including black (a red handpiece is coming soon).  In head to head clinical trials, the PicoSure significantly outperformed q-switched lasers on black ink.  So, that’s the deal with BLACK ink.  If you have a tattoo you would like to remove that’s black or multicolored, I can be reached  by phone @ 512-479-9997  or just stop by my NEW location in Austin, TX:  Austin Medspa on W. 6th St.  You’ll be happy that you did.


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