PicoSure PressureWave Destroys Tattoos & Pushes Ink Out

Cynosure, maker of the first and only revolutionary PicoSure laser, knew that a pulse width in the picosecond range would produce a Powerful pressure wave.  Millions of R&D dollars and years later, Cynosure achieved the impossible: a picosecond aesthetic laser they dubbed PicoSure.

The resulting patented PressureWave can be felt by the operator on the client’s skin during a treatment, as it smashes tattoo ink particles into the smallest of pieces, which can  easily be cleared by the body.  But how does the body remove those tiny pieces of brightly colored ink?  Is it absorption?  Or phagocytosis?  Lymph flow?

Answer:  All of the above.  But here’s the really interesting caveat:  the PressureWave itself makes it all possible.  When the PicoSure laser is pulsing at its absolute fastest, around 550ps, the resulting PressureWave causes the individual cells of the skin to vibrate at an incredible rate of speed.  This vibration causes extracellular disruption, often seen in the form of a bruise or blisters, which frees the fractured particles of ink.

The disruption of tissues does not permanently damage them, in fact, it causes integumentary tissue to rejuvenate, often leaving the treated skin looking as though it had never even been tattooed.

If you would like to experience this life-changing tattoo-removal procedure yourself, you can reach me at my newest location on West 6th Street in Austin, TX at Austin Medspa.  Please call or stop by for a free consultation on your tattoo removal.  Even if you’ve tried tattoo removal with some POS q-switched laser elsewhere, PicoSure can make it gone forever.

brendan.leigh@austinpicosure.com  512-479-9997

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