PicoSure Settings For Tattoo Removal

You’ve probably heard that the revolutionary PicoSure Laser is the finest tattoo-removal system on the planet.  That’s definitely true, when used correctly.  There are a number of variables that affect the laser energy and how well it’s applied.  The settings on the laser are adjusted based upon the following tattoo factors:

Age of tattoo, age of patient, tattoo size, location, depth of ink, colors, cover-up vs. original, home-made vs. professional, health of client, skin type and color, and several others.

Once the skilled professional assesses the tattoo, they can make the following adjustments to the laser:

Spot size (of the beam), wavelength (532nm, 755nm, 1064nm), speed of the pulse (550-750ps), pulses per second (hertz), pulses per cm2, Jules per cm2, and several others.

If you’re a patient with a tattoo you want completely and safely removed with PicoSure, please give me a call at Austin Medspa (512.479.9997) and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

If you’re a PicoSure provider and you’re in need of some coaching on how to best remove tattoos you can call Cynosure (844.365.5060) and request to have me sent to your location for a small fee.  We can review all of the PicoSure parameters and settings, as well as treat your most difficult removals.  If you decide to have me train your office, I look forward to working with you!


2 thoughts on “PicoSure Settings For Tattoo Removal

  1. Hello,
    I am currently receiving picosure treaments outside the United States and am looking for advice. I have a black tattoo that is 20+ years old. The concern is that during my first couple of treatments, the laser was set on a more powerful settings to give better results, then the remaining sessions have been set to a less powerful setting, so that the treatments can be prolonged, and thus the revenue increased for the business. I wanted to reach out to a 3rd party using the same picosure laser, and see if this is possible with the machine. And have you heard of this type of thing being done by tattoo removal artists?

    1. Hello Chris, Thanks for your question. I’ve heard that some providers prolong the number of treatments to increase revenue. It’s unfortunate but it can happen. Ultimately the client must trust their provider to treat them ethically and effectively. Good luck. Thanks, Brendan

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