PicoSure Strategies For Recalcitrant Tattoos

Case Study:

  • 15 year old multi-colored tattoo
  • Location:  Right deltoid
  • Ink:  Tough black outlines and shading, red, yellow, blue, purple, white
  • Previous treatments:  20 treatments with 2 different POS q-switched lasers
  • Result:  Hideous tattoo remnant – photo on the left
  • Removal strategy:  PicoSure 755nm & 532nm wavelengths
  • Adjunct therapy:  Cupping to affected area in between PicoSure sessions
  • Final result – COMPLETE removal

There are a great many “practitioners” out there who can ALMOST remove a tattoo. Perhaps you’ve used one and know exactly what I mean.  Now you’re left with a horrible, unsightly tattoo remnant.  If so, you’re not alone.  My estimation is that for every removal there are at least 100 partial removals.  Many of my patients come to me, show me their scarred tattoo remnants, and ask, “Can you fix this?”  The short answer is “Yes!”  But the removal itself is complex and requires a number of tactics, applications and of course, the world’s finest tattoo removal platform:  The revolutionary PicoSure.

Everybody asks me how I do these incredible removals.  If you have a new, old or remnant tattoo you would like COMPLETELY removed, I can be reached @ Austin Medspa on West 6th.  Please call 512.479.9997 to schedule a no-cost consultation.  If you want to do it by email please send me a pic here:  brendan.leigh@austinpicosure.com


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