Precision and the PicoSure Laser for Tattoo Removal

Have you ever wondered just how precise we can be with the PicoSure laser?  Take a look below at this example.  The patient had undergone numerous q-switched laser treatments on a blue moon tattoo before finally getting frustrated with the lack of progress and had the start of a cover up applied.  She requested that I treat around the new Jaguar piece and just target the remaining blue ink.

AG 1-30-15

In this example, the white area below has just been treated which results in a frosted appearance due to the formation of gas under the skin.  After 20 minutes, this gas is reabsorbed by the body revealing the tattoo once again.  As you can clearly see, I was able to use a very small spot size and regulate both the number of pulses per second (measured as hertz or repeat rate) as well as the Boost upgrade intensity.  This technique saves the desired portion of her tattoo and targets only the unwanted ink.  Now we wait 6-8 weeks to see if a touch up is needed.  Stay tuned for the update.

AG v2 1-30-15

If I can help fade or remove part of your unwanted tattoo I can be reached  by phone @ 512-479-9997  or just stop by my NEW location in Austin, TX:  Austin Medspa on W. 6th St.


  1. Rich - Reply

    I’m researching picosure removal for something very similar to the leapord. I do not want to remove my tattoo. Instead, I am seeking to remove some excess ink that was a result of human error. Besides a few minor ink “tails,” there are 2 main spots 0.5mmx3mm and 1mmx3mm of black in that need to be removed. I know this isn’t a lot, but (to me) the differential is noticible; primarily because it skews the rectangular image. What are your thoughts?

    • admin - Reply

      Rich, Thanks for your comment regarding PicoSure precision and wanting to correct the small details in your tattoo. I have had to fix stray lines and marks before. I had a patient who got a fantastic realistic portrait of his mother on his upper arm but he didn’t like how her left eyebrow turned out. He thought it made her look mad so I erased it in 2 treatments with PicoSure and he had it replaced. The shading just adjacent to the eyebrow did lighten as well so that had to be touched up too. In the end, the patient was extremely happy because that little line had really bugged him. If you want to email me a picture of your tattoo I would be happy to give you my clinical impression or answer any questions you have.

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