Professional Multicolored Tattoo Removal With PicoSure

Here’s yet another example of a patient who went to some cheapo “clinic” for laser tattoo removal with the “latest & greatest” POS Q-switched nano-slow laser and got burned – literally & figuratively.  First they burned her on some “package deal” rip-off, then they burned her skin.  If you look closely there’s a half inch scar in her ‘before image’.

Like many patients, she sought me out, desperate to remove her unwanted ink.  In very few treatments with both a PicoSure 755nm (blacks, blues, greens, purples) and 532nm (reds, yellows, oranges, pinks) wavelength I was able to cleanly remove her tattoo.  Now all she needs is a swimsuit and a pool to get her color back.

If you’ve been scarred and left with tons of ink because you tried unsuccessfully to remove your tattoo with some Groupon wannabe laser “clinic” then give me a shout in Austin, TX @ my new location:  Austin Medspa 512-479-9997, and I’ll get your unwanted ink out quickly, safely & beautifully with the revolutionary PicoSure laser workstation.

WARNING: It’s all about the operator – renting a PicoSure laser doesn’t make you an expert – it takes dedication, education & experience.  I’m Texas’ most experienced PicoSure nurse and I use a proprietary set of tactics, strategies & applications to produce the most striking before & after images.  Many PicoSure providers actually use MY IMAGES to hawk their services!

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