Scarring & Tattoo Removal


Occasionally a person will receive a tattoo and their skin is permanently damaged.   The tattooing process itself may cause scarring, raised areas, redness or other adverse reactions.  This may be due to an allergic reaction to a particular ink or one of its ingredients.  Visible scars may also be the result of the micro-scarring effects of the thousands of needle punctures required to place large tattoos.

Patients contemplating tattoo removal may worry that once the tattoo is gone a scar or hypopigmentation will be visible.  However, anecdotal evidence suggests that PicoSure™ treatments may soften these scars and perhaps flatten them out, which can improve their appearance.  If you are concerned about post-removal hypo-pigmentation, you may want to see a PicoSure™ provider.  This is because a PicoSure™ laser often requires fewer treatments which lessens the risk of side effects.  But if you do experience permanent hypo-pigmentation, a skilled esthetician may be able to improve the appearance significantly by using a permanent pigment that matches your own skin.  These pigments are applied just like a tattoo and have been used for years to disguise scars, marks and unwanted blemishes.


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