Sorry Guys, Sexy Tattoos Can Also Be Removed With PicoSure

I was recently taking a tribal tattoo off of a female patient with the revolutionary PicoSure laser and she told me her husband was sorta bummed about her decision to remove it. Why? He thought it was sooo freakin’ sexy!

Sexy Gal Austin PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

Truth is, a lot of guys love tattoos on their favorite gal. And let’s face it; there are a lot of hot celebs in Hollywood that regularly show off their ink in racy photos. Whenever they shoot a movie though, a lot of makeup is used to cover up all that artwork. But what about your average woman who has to try and cover up her tats for work? Gets sort of difficult. Especially when you work for a company that doesn’t allow visible tattoos.

That was my patient’s problem; she didn’t want her tattoo showing at work. She’s actually keeping another, discretely placed tattoo, that I’m sure her husband finds equally hot. So okay, there it is. Some tattoos are sexy but some are also in the wrong place. If you’ve got a tattoo in the wrong place that you would like safely and professionally removed with the finest laser on the planet, I can be reached  by phone @ 512-479-9997  or just stop by my NEW location in Austin, TX:  Austin Medspa on W. 6th St.

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