Tattoos Can Be Lifesavers!

Did you know that some tattoos can help save a life?  According to, over 230,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2015.  There are a variety of treatments that oncologists use to treat breast cancer in its various stages.  One treatment in particular, radiation therapy, uses small target tattoos to assist radiation therapists to accurately aim the instrument which irradiates the tumor area.  Patients may require up to 5 of these tattoos depending upon their condition.  The radiation treatment is similar to getting an x-ray but much more intense.  Patients may undergo numerous treatments over a number of weeks.  With each treatment, the target tattoos, which are about 1mm in diameter, help ensure the accuracy of the treatment.    While some women see these small black dots as marks of survival, others would rather have them removed because they can be a painful reminder of a difficult time.  Once a woman is given an all clear by her oncologist, these tattoos can be easily removed with the PicoSure laser.  I perform these treatments free as a service to the resilient women who have persevered and survived breast cancer.


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      Thanks Kristin! It’s the least I can do. As a healthcare community, we must all pull together and do what we can for those brave women fighting through what can be a devastating disease.

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