Top 10 Reasons For PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

I read an article this morning about when consumers are less likely to buy a cheap product.  Getting a tattoo was right there at the top.  I guess people figure if an artist is cheap, they’re not very good.  I see that all the time – clients come in with a drawing that looks like it was inked by a no-talent clown.

“It’s not what I wanted,” they say.  “It didn’t turn out right.”

In my practice as a Registered Nurse, I’ve performed thousands of tattoo removal treatments and completely removed many, many tattoos – I do it every day with the revolutionary PicoSure laser.  I also teach other nurses and doctors how to do it.  There are millions of unwanted tattoos in the U.S. and millions more across the globe.  So, I decided to write a Top 10 list of reasons why my clients/patients tell me they want their ink gone.

#10.       “Got it on my 18th birthday – huge mistake.”

#9.         “The picture’s okay but the font sucks.”

#8.         “People look down on me because I’m inked up.”

#7.         “Can’t wear a swimsuit or the clothes that I want.”

#6.         “Supposed to be photorealism and it looks like a cartoon.”

#5.         “I don’t want my new baby daughter to see it.”

#4.         “My new job doesn’t allow tat’s.”

#3.         “That’s my ex’s name.”

#2.         “It’s not what I asked for.”

#1.         “It looks like s**t.”

I’ve heard many other reasons besides those listed, and listened to numerous bizarre stories from my clients, some of which are heart wrenching.  Whatever the reason, I don’t judge.  Thanks to Cynosure, the makers of the PicoSure laser, no one has to live with unwanted ink.

If you’ve got a tattoo you’d like COMPLETELY and safely removed by Texas’ most experienced PicoSure nurse, please give me a call (512.479.9997) at Austin Medspa on West 6th and let’s get started.

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