Treating Tattoo Remnants With PicoSure

If you’re reading this right now there’s a good chance you have a partially removed tattoo, which I call tattoo remnants. Unfortunately the market for tattoo removal has spawned a plethora of cheap lasers and untrained “laser techs”. The result: millions of partially removed tattoos, which are unsightly and a constant source of pain and mental anguish for those affected. At least half of my clients were unsuccessfully treated in cheapo pos q-switched laser shops before coming to see me.

In fact, there are more “clinics” that have never completely removed a tattoo than places that have. In other words, the vast majority of providers do not understand how to finish the removal of a tattoo. Even board certified dermatologists who have the revolutionary PicoSure laser but never learned the correct method of treatment, have little chance of success at a complete removal. The best they might do is fade a tattoo so the client can get a decent cover-up.

But what about those individuals who want to be tattoo free? That’s where I come in. I have the right laser, a PicoSure workstation, and the right experience and education to finish what I begin. I absolutely love it when I’m able to tell one of my clients, “This will be your last treatment!” If you’re suffering through ineffective tattoo removal treatments and are ready to finally get that unwanted ink off give me a call at Austin Medspa on West 6th at 512.479.9997.

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