Visible Tattoos Can Be Taboo

I just read that Japanese hotels do not allow people with visible tattoos in their swimming pools, spas and fitness centers.  The Japanese culture frowns on inked skin and has even attempted to outlaw getting a tattoo!  You might want to remember that before you book your next trip to Asia.

All kinds of people discriminate against tattoos in the workplace.  For a list of them, please see my earlier blog on the subject.  It even happens in Hollywood – a body double was used in 50 Shades of Grey because one actress had a “tramp stamp” the director didn’t like.  Maybe your tattoos are not a problem in your current position but what if you change jobs or seek a promotion?  One of my patients lived in fear of having to golf with his boss because he wouldn’t be able to cover his forearm tat.  If you’ve got a tattoo that’s showing and you want it off completely, safely and quickly with the PicoSure laser, give me a call at Austin Medspa (512.479.9997) and let’s get started.

PS:  Just for the record, “tramp stamp” is a derogatory term that should not be used to describe a lower back tat.

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